čtvrtek 1. září 2016

Looking for her new home

Colored pencils, marker.
She looks to have the same troubles to find her new home as I do nowadays...

© Leona Šňupárková, 2016

středa 3. srpna 2016

Workshop "The way to school"

have chosen for this one-day workshop with mixed media the theme "The way to school" and the kids, who are in one month starting their own first school year were really enjoying the team work. Getting ready for the new life period :)

pondělí 4. července 2016

pondělí 20. června 2016

Exhibition in Trebon

Well, it ´s a bit weird to announce my exhibition when it is already over.. but what can I do, time runs sometimes faster than me... It was nice anyway, thanks to the hospitality of the katholic church of St. Jilji and V. Mary.