sobota 23. ledna 2016

How to set up in a freezing plein-air

I love to paint in the freezing plein-air because of the very soft pleasing sunlight, which creates beautiful delicate color tones. This delicate tones are just the winter time speciality and usually they dont last longer as twenty minutes. It is a bit fast for a fine work, but at least I dont get frozen :)
It is also a great way of improving your visual memory, then in such a short time it is not possible to finish a bigger piece. I got used to spend around two to four hours outside with two easels. Some more hours are needed to finish the paintings later in my warm studio.
I prefer to work on two pieces at once because of the layers. As I fix the layer on one piece, in that very cold air it needs longer time to dry before I can continue to paint on it.

Here are some of the needed tools:

I use two sorts of pastels - Rembrandt and powdery Sennelier. The fixative is from Schmincke.
Paper pencils. Very soft eraser. Knife. Sandpaper. Very warm gloves for installing and packing the place. Warm gloves without fingertips for painting. A soft solid tissue for my hands. Another one for my nose ;)
Sunglasses if the sun shines on my paper. Paper of course! I prefer Canson.
Two easels with support for the pastel selection.
A clipchair to have my lunch and warm tea. I work standing.
Solid light plastic mate 2x1 m as the underlayer for my tools. It is not easy to find a pastel stick in the snow.
A portfolio over shoulder and transparent papers to preserve the paintings.
A bag on on the wheels to carry it all.
And camera to take the picture before I start to paint.

And if possible I take company of other painters to share the joy :)

I enjoy the plein-air work in Chlum u Trebone as there is a small local school kitchen, which can provide you with a nice warm food, which you can easily get to your working spot. It is really comfortable for the longer working days ;)

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to write me an e-mail!